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What is Movement Fusion?

Movement Fusion is a blend of different techniques used to help the body. This movement is guided by your breath to help open the heart and expand the mind to the infinite possibilities of the ability the body has to move. Movement Fusion uses correct postural alignment to merge traditional Pilates and Yoga techniques with Thai Yoga and functional movement to build strength and balance throughout the body. This is all guided by deep breathing, allowing you to open into a form of movement meditation, connecting the mind and body energetically.

Meet Lana

She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance at New World School of the Arts before dancing professionally with the Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group in New York. Lana is a Kane School and Pilates for Buff Bones Instructor qualified to work with bone health and Osteoporosis. She has also studied Yoga and Bowspring technique with Christy Punnett.

Lana began to merge her worlds; dance, yoga, Pilates, annual anatomy training with FAMI and Thai Yoga bodywork training with Jonas Westring. Lana’s love for Bio Mechanics and pure movement has started to rebel from one discipline into a fusion of different types of movement with a common thread which she houses at Body Mekanix, to fuse movement principles into healthy ways of using the body fully; anatomically, functionally, physically and spiritually.

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