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Tight Abs


Do you experience lower back pain after a long day or intense training session? Maybe you only feel it after your body cools down? Do you ignore it because it’s not consistent? The pain is

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FAMI Muscles and Bones


I took part in my first FAMI workshop (Functional Anatomy for movement and injuries) in 2010 which is a four day immersion course in anatomy and injuries designed exclusively for movement professionals. FAMI Workshop is

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Therapy in Movement


Dancer merged into Pilates instructor, Pilates instructor who loves to dance... I am Lana the dancer, who loves to do Pilates. I do it because I love it. I love the challenges that the body constantly throws

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Back to basics


  "Back to the basics in 2011 and roll on 2012!" So 2011 was back to the basics on many levels. What it made me realize is that simplicity teaches you SO much...has taught ME

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